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  • Enhanced code editor for File


    Starting February 8th, we're going to enhance the file manager code editor to support syntax highlight and other features. This is just a start to mak..

  • New user interface (beta) available


    Starting February 8th, we are releasing the beta preview of our new user interface. This interface aims to improve navigation and usability of the exi..

  • Security update - stronger password protection


    Starting December 14th, CRM user passwords will be obfuscated in the Admin user interface, Customer Reports and APIs. Admin users will still be able t..

  • Send email campaign to multiple list


    Starting with August 21st, admin users are able to select multiple email list to send a campaign to. Upon sending, the system will automatically searc..

  • Special characters in product names


    This release allows site admins to create products and catalogs that contain special characters in their names. The product URL will automatically be ..

  • Updated reports user interface and structure


    In order to improve usability and navigation, we are going to update the menu structure on our reporting system and refresh the graphs designs. Theref..

  • Updated user and email accounts user interfaces


    We have launched a new user and email account management interface that simplifies the account management workflows and offers a clear separation of e..

  • Site Settings Panel Added


    We are starting to consolidate some of the site wide settings in a new section called Site Settings. With this release, we're enabling you to defi..

  • Blog Improvements - change the author of your blog post and more


    Similar to other blogging platforms, we are now allowing customers to change a blog post author by selecting it from a list of site admin users. Addit..

  • Facebook Login Enabled


    We have extended our social integration functionality by allowing your customers to login in secure zone or forums using their Facebook accounts. ..

  • Mailbox Storage increased from 2GB to 5GB


    As part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with the best email platform possible, we have upgraded the standard mailbox size to 5GB of storag..

  • Device specific site wide templates


    Our multi-screen support has just got better by allowing you to define device specific site wide templates. Each template now has a default version fo..

  • Order and workflow notification improvements


    As promised following the previous release, we are adding further enhancements to the customizable workflow & order notifications. Thus, start..

  • Customizable SEO Friendly URLs for web apps


    Continuing the work on this feature, we're now adding the support for customizable URLs to Web Apps module. To take advantage of this feature for your..

  • Module limit raised to 75 per page


    You're now able to render more than 25 {module_} tags per page. The limit has been raised to 75 per page which should help users build more complex we..

  • AWB tracking number and tracking URL support in orders


    One piece of information missing from the order system was the ability to save a tracking number (AWB) and an URL to the shipping provider web pag..

  • Content holders management via FTP


    Content holders are now available via FTP, in the /_System/ContentHolders/ folder. You can create, edit and delete them just by using your code ed..

  • Recursive modules (modules inside modules) released


    You now have the ability to display modules inside modules, including the ability to insert modules inside content holders. Other example use-case..

  • Packing Slip and Package Labels


    Site administrator or drop shipping suppliers needs to have a way to print packaging list and package label for each order received. Also the site..

  • Order Status Change Notifications


    This is an essential e-commerce feature for keeping paying customers up to date with the status of their online order. We want to make sure that w..

  • Customizable workflow notifications available


    One of the most requested features was to give partners or site administrators a way to customize workflow notification emails to include relevant..

  • Limit the number of products and web app items that can be imported at once


    To increase system performance and scalability we have introduced a maximum limit for the number of products and web app items that can be exported or..

  • Email Campaign Deliverability Enhancements


    To improve deliverability of email campaigns from your online business we've made the following improvements to the system: Created a global bla..

  • Products and WebApp Items Export Now Generates a CSV File


    To enable a round-trip from export to import without any file format modifications, Products and Web-apps export now generate files in raw CSV format ..

  • Edit the Country and Culture set for your system and secure URLs


    Another much requested enhancement, we've updated the DNS Manager interface so you can now set the country and culture for your system and secure URLs..

  • Set your WWW domain as the default URL for your site


    We've now added the ability for you to set the WWW domain as the default URL for your site. That means all absolute links that are rendered on your si..

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