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Easily Edit Your Website

with Content Management (CMS)

The biggest issue most small business owners have is the time, effort and trouble it takes to make changes to the content on their website pages and keep the website fresh. Traditionally you would have to have a web designer on a retainer to make these periodic updates or pay as you go which could end up costing quite a substantial amount.

Because of the mounting editing costs, you would be tempted to not update your website as much as you would like to or as much as you are required to. This means your website becomes stale and stagnant over a period of time and this leads to the following side effects:

1. Your site visitors and prospective clients who come to your website would see that the site is not updated frequently and this sends a wrong message.

2. Google and other search engines would slowly stop visiting your website because there is no new content and this would lead to a slow loss of rankings.

So what is the solution to this problem?

With our Ringgle platform, you can do the following:

1. Web Hosting & Content Management
2. Make changes to your web pages including text and images
3. Access the FTP (the website file server)
4. Keep design consistent
5. Utilize Social Media
6. Grow your website along with your business


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